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A Myriad Of Mysteries Is Contained In The Pages Of The Old Testament.

A myriad of mysteries is contained in the pages of the Old Testament. For centuries, scholars of theology, archeology and anthropology have labored to produce some explanation of the contradictions and impossibilities put forth in these texts. The ancient ruins of lost cities reveal evidence that some writings may be incorrectly dated, or even that they may be false. Faith and tradition give way to speculation that the Bible may be nothing more than a collection of ancient Israelite mythology. Some things, however, prove tantalizingly true. Temple Judaism and its monarchy, for example, are historical fact; the records of surrounding civilizations corroborate the chronicling of their place in the ancient world. Jerusalem was conquered and sacked on a regular basis by the likes of Egypt, Babylon, Rome and finally, Palestine. The temple was destroyed on numerous occasions and its treasures looted and carried off as booty. One mystery connected to these events has captivated the imagination of mankind, inspiring theologians, archeologists, and filmmakers alike: the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant. This ancient coffer, believed to have held the actual stone tablets on which the Decalogue or Ten Commandments were inscribed by the very hand of Yahweh, disappears from biblical mention after the Babylonian exile. Having successfully established themselves as a nation, the Israelites were beaten and taken as captives by Babylon. Enslaved in a foreign land, all hope of regaining their freedom and traditions rested in the power of their God. After seventy years, as prophesied, the repentance and lamentation of the Israelites so moved the King of Babylon that they were allowed to return and rebuild their capitol. The Holy of Holies, or resting place of the Ark in the temple, would, however, remain empty from that time forward. The description of the Ark, given in Exodus chapter twenty-five, indeed explains why it may have been a coveted artifact to rival kings. It was a wooden chest, layered over in gold and measuring more than a yard long and two feet in height and width, respectively. Gold rings attached to the sides made it possible for two handles, also of gold covered wood, to be slid through. The lid of the Ark represented a throne for the very presence of God and was flanked by two cherubim. These winged effigies of heavenly beings, or angels, were in a crouched or kneeling position, as if bowing before the power of Yahweh. Their wings fanned out in front of them creating, in effect, a canopy over the Ark. Moses himself received the description for the Ark from God on Mount Sinai or Horeb; it was only one of several objects that the Lord wanted the Israelites to cast for use in worship. In the wilderness exile, these sacred vessels were carried from place to place and resided in a special group of tents when Israel was encamped. The tents were arranged around a center courtyard, this served as a portable temple for worship. The Ark, along with its accompanying tabernacle, altar, and lampstand, became the very center of Hebrew ritual. The tabernacle was an inner tent, with gold laden wooden poles for a frame and fine, colorful cloth curtains for its sides. Even the curtain rings were made of gold. All of this gold was undoubtedly the spoils that, as slaves in Egypt, the Israelites had coerced from their captors. It was fashioned, for a time, into the golden calf of infamy in the Exodus story. Whenever the nation traveled, the Ark was carried before it on the shoulders of twelve priests who were consecrated specifically for its guardianship. Sometimes a veil of fine cloth embroidered with symbols of the covenant and cherubim of gold thread was draped over the Ark. While in the tabernacle, the veil served as the final separation between the Hebrew nation and the Holy of Holies, access to which was only granted the High Priest. Going on before the Israelites, the priests bearing the Ark sang the praises of God and the power of God was believed to render the column invulnerable to attack. Later, in the book of Joshua, the priests bore the Ark into the river Jordan; the flow of water was stopped up. Rising as if

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Metternich Versus Liberalism

Metternich Versus Liberalism Klemens von Metternich, Austrian foreign minister. (1773-1859) I had a nightmare last night. In it, myself and Csar Alexander I, were confronted by a three-headed monster. I asked this detestable creature what it called itself. It said its name was "Ism." I asked what it wanted and it said: "Simple, I want to be free." "Free from what?" I inquired."I want to be free from you, of course," it said gesturing towards Alexander and myself."Oh I get it," I said realizing what Ism now stood for. "Can't you see what your ideals of liberalism, nationalism and romanticism are doing to upset the stability of all of Europe?" "Yes," he said. "And I like it what I see. But we really need more revolutions like the ones of 1830 in Paris, and Poland. Although they failed, I foresee many more successful ones like the one in Belgium," He continued, "Rhetoric, such as your call to resist change, are only galvanizing the rest of Europe and in due time your anachronistic ideals will become evident to all. "Austrian statesman Klemens von Metternich.

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Fluoride in tea samples Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Fluoride in tea samples - Essay Example A laboratory experiment was conducted that used plastic labware bottles instead of glassware because the fluoride ions have a tendency to interact with the glass especially when at lower concentrations. Its main objective was to determine the fluoride levels in various tea samples that were obtained at random. For this experiment, a stock solution of fluoride containing 2000 mg F-/L was used and prepared using a reagent grade of sodium fluoride (NaF), then diluted in a volumetric flask and stored in a clean plastic bottle. A silver chloride (Ag-AgCL) electrode was then combined with the fluoride electrode into a single unit. Both electrodes were rinsed properly and dried for use. Next step was preparation of six (6) 50-mL fluoride standards containing the 5.0 mL of TISAB concentrate and 0.1, 0.316, 1.0, 3.16 and 100.0 mg F-/L and diluted with distilled water up to 50 mL total and stored in plastic bottles. Readings were taken and recorded by immersing electrodes in each solution with re-calibration each day for the temperature. Data obtained was plotted and shown in a graph in the method and results section of this report. The tea bags sampled were boiled in 100 mL of RODI water and then cooled to room temperature and analyzed. Sampling procedure was to mix 10.0 mL of tea sample with 10.0 mL of distilled water together with an additional 5.0 mL of TISB for a total volume of 25.0 mL per sample. The last step was adding a 0.50 mL of the standard F- solution in four increments to each mixture for a total of 2.0 mL of the solution and readings were taken at each incremental addition. The sample tea bags used in the experiment were of different brands and bought at random from a supermarket. This is in line with the objective of determining the level of fluoride in tea available from commercial sources as fluoride today is a growing serious health concern. The method used is

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College Transfer Quality Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

College Transfer Quality - Personal Statement Example In my first year in Miami University, I became a laboratory researcher in Dr. Lee’s laboratory, doing experiment on microbial ecology to explain the global latitudinal diversity gradient phenomenon – this experiment, which I deem simple, involved determining heterozygosity of E. coli bacteria in different temperatures. Additionally, I find pleasure in carrying out some little interesting experiments, for example creating microbial paintings by growing different microbial colonies, which exhibit diverse shapes and colors on culture dishes. I have a strong feeling that my career fulfillment lies within Microbiology and I like the experiences in the discipline. Primarily, Microbiology experiments enable me to combine conceptual and formal decisions in the experiment; that is, explaining the macro world phenomenon with a small-scale experiment in the micro world. This is especially so considering the fact that I am in charge of the entire experiment and my schedule. Secondly, Microbiology experiments boarder/bridge my interests from science to art – for instance, those microbial paintings enable me to makes friends with many art major students. Thirdly, I have come to realize and appreciate the fact that I am good at interdisciplinary inspiration and this encourages me the more to become a Microbiologist. What propelled me to choose the University of California is the fact that as compared to Miami University, this university offers more research opportunities for Molecular Microbiology, and has larger diversity culture, which denotes better chances for interacting with more professionals both from my specialty as well as from other areas of specialization. This would make me the best that I can be in Microbiology. In effect, the fact that the University of California is a larger university satisfies my interests

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Suture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Suture - Essay Example Suture was a neo-noir film of 1993 directed by David Seigel and Scott McGehee and it features actors Mel Harris and Dennis Haysbert. On that note, the photographic image both constructs the character’s identity and undermines the identity for the film viewers in several ways. For example, after Vincent Towers kills his father, he decides to fake his death (Grieveson & Wasson 98). Similarly, he attempts to murder his half-brother, Clay Arlington acted by Dennis Haysbert as a mechanism to change identities. This aspect helps in establishing the photographic image traits of Vincent in the context of the cinematic disparities. From the movie, we see that Vincent is white while his identical brother who is forced to suffer amnesia after a bomb to protect him is black. This incident supports the Apparatus theory that insists that, by nature, cinema is driven by ideological mechanics. Therefore, this is apparent because through the Lacan’s Mirror Stage effect that expounds on the value of self-identity and consciousness. On that note, while there is an element of a photographic image construction, there is also distortion of identity for the film viewers. For example, when Clay loses his memory and suffers amnesia, Dr. Renee Descartes attempts to quicken his recovery but his brothers comes back to kill him again. This results in the murder of Vincent Towers instead of his half-brother thus prompting Clay to adopt a, genuine permanent, identity (Chaudhuri 83). This decision affects most film viewers because it does not concur with Lancan’s notion of the Mirror stage that insists on self-identity and consciousness. Alternatively, there is a way in which the strategy of dis-identification in Suture undermines what Laura Mulvey calls the normative ‘visual pleasure’ of the film spectator. For example, Laura expounds on three different techniques of viewing a film that entail watching as the camera records the real events of the film, watch ing the film and interaction of characters in the film. Therefore, as observed in Suture the loss of identification of Vincent Towers who fakes himself is manifest of the violation of the visual pleasure. Similarly, the loss of Clay Arlington’s memory after suffering amnesia prevents the film spectator from interacting with the main characters in the film because of lost identity. In addition, the themes of betrayal and denial that are espoused by the main characters are an indication of the manipulation of the normative ‘visual pleasure’ fronted by Laura Mulvey in her essay (Grieveson & Wasson 109). Furthermore, after the recovery of his lost memory with the help of Dr. Max Shinoda, Clay is undecided on how dispose of one of his identities. This continues to complicate the aspect of ‘visual pleasure’ because the film spectator is denied the chance to think on the loss and recovery of identity. Therefore, because Suture takes away pleasure, there is a social function concerning race and class that is at work in the film. For example, Vincent Towers is a white who murdered his brother but tries to cover up using his black brother, Clay Arlington. This is an example of the disparity of racial boundaries because a white brother compels his black brother to suffer in order to get away with crime. On the same length, there is a determination by Vincent Towers to murder his

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Definition Of Water Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay

Definition Of Water Pollution Environmental Sciences Essay Water pollution is the presence of any substances in water which can be harmful for plants and animals that live in water or people who use it. In other word it is the change in the chemical or physical properties of the water and this change can lead to cause damage and health hazards to animals and plants that live inside it or organisms that use it. (1) Importance of the Nile River for Egypt The Nile River is the primary water resource in Egypt, where it represents more than 95% of the total water resources in Egypt and it is the lifeline for Egypt and there are many reasons for its importance which are: Egyptians depends on it to acquire fresh water to use it for various purposes such as drinking, cooking, cleaning and other household uses. Use it for agriculture where fertile land formed around the Nile River and they irrigated by Nile River. The Nile River is an important source of fish. It is used in water transportation because it passes from south to north Egypt. Industry in Egypt depends a lot on the waters of the Nile River. Recently after the construction of the High Dam became the Nile River is an important source for generating electricity to Egypt. (2) (1) (2) Causes of pollution There are many sources of water pollution in Nile River. Industry Wastewater: Industry is an important user of water. In same time is an important producer of pollution. Water is very important in industry. Water demand for industry was 3.6 Billion Cubic Meters BCM/year in 2000. And they expect to be 5.5 Billion Cubic Meters BCM/year in 2017. So, when industry increases, the water demands increase.(1) Municipal Wastewater In the city, the water which used by people going down through various treatment processes to make it healthy as possible before release it back to environment. Treating water is help to minimize the negative effects of wastewater on the environment. However, some poor cities along Nile River cannot use treatment facilities which are expensive for them. The only way they can use it is dumped in the river without treated. (2) Statistics show that, all governments generate 3.5 Billion Cubic Meters BCM/year of wastewater. Of these wastewater 1.6 Billion Cubic Meters BCM/year receives treatment. In 2017, 1.7 Billion Cubic Meters BCM/year will receive treatment. Although the capacity will increase but it will not be able to covers all wastewater. As it is show in table (1) the number of people serves increase and number of people not served increase because increasing in population. (3) So, it will not be able to decline the amount of wastewater that is not receiving treatment. (1) Table (1) : Projections of Wastewater Treatment Coverage Year Population People Serves People Not Served 1997 60 Million 18 Million 42 Million 2017 83 Million 39 Million 44 Million Agriculture Wastewater Agriculture is larger consumer of water. And it is in same time contributed in water pollution. Runoff from the agricultural sector frequently contains pollutants that may have an adverse effect on the river. Pollutants such as salts, nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen, and pesticide residue can be found in this runoff. Agricultural runoff often is a non-point pollutant, in that it can come from anywhere in a region, and not from a specific drain. This can make it difficult to There are also problems associated with agricultural runoff seeping into the groundwater as well. (2) Effect of population There are many effect of Nile river pollution. Some of these effects are: The presence of oil on the surface of the river works as a buffer between the sun and the plants. This leads to death of fish and Lack of food for humans. In addition, that will decrease the number of fishermen Many fishermen have either left their jobs altogether or migrated, el-Fikky said. (3) The solid waste thrown in the river hinder the movement of fishermen net and torn nets which reduces the amount of fish and increase the cost on the fishermen. Saed said he usually catches 2kg of fish a day that equal to US$165 a month, but over the past few months he has had an additional headache: his net needs replacing not every month as in the past but every few days, costing him up to $144 a month. The Nile river is source for drinking but because it polluted by human that could cause a harmful effect on human and cause a dangerous diseases. Not only for people whose drink from it but also for people who eat fish or plant from it. (1) Abstract Water pollution is a serious problem for the entire world. And it is considered to be one of the most dangerous hazards affecting Egypt. The pollution of Nile River is increase especial in the past few decades. Although the Egyptians love the Nile River a lot and it is important for them, not only in economic terms but it has a significant meaning for them. But this did not protect it from pollution. In this report I will explain the meaning of water pollution. Then, I will take about the important of Nile River. After that, I will talk about causes of Nile River pollution which are industry wastewater, municipal wastewater and agriculture wastewater. Final, I will take about effect of Nile River pollution. Introduction Over two thirds of Earths surface is covered by water; less than a third is taken up by land. As Earths population continues to grow, people are putting ever-increasing pressure on the planets water resources. One of these fresh water resources is Nile River. Water is essential for life. No organism can live without it. Water pollution is problem effect human, animals and plants. And it caused by different resource. In these report I will try to find the main causes of water pollution in Nile River and the effect of that pollution. Summary In the summary, as you see all water pollution in Nile rive and in any place in the world created by human and then he try again to solve it what he already create. I advice all people to maintain the environment. And keep the water clean. Conclusion Arent we aware of the different problems occurring in our nature, especially in different bodies of water? Water pollution is the cause of our undisciplined actions and irresponsibility. We, humans are only creating problems that consequently we will also carry the burden of these problems. We all know that water pollution can affect our health badly and seriously. The solution for all environmental problems is not created. UAE University Faculty of Science Department of Biology Principles of Environmental Science Done by: Shaikha Mohammed. ID: 201003128. Instructor: Dr. Tarek Youssef.

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Free Pride and Prejudice Essays: Life and Love :: Pride Prejudice Essays

Life and Love in Pride and Prejudice How would life be different if you lived in the early 1800s in a small town of England? How did the courtship rituals exist at that time? These questions are the main subjects of the book, Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen, who wrote the book about the time that these things took place. When you open to the first page and begin reading, the Bennet family is instantly introduced, along with Mr. Bingley. The Bennet family , which is composed of parents who generally have opposite opinions, and four daughters, each with their own special abilities, play the main role, especially the second daughter Elizabeth. The whole story is narrated through her point of view, so the opinions of other people that eventually become your own are taken from whom Elizabeth is close to and whom she dislikes. That brings us to the other characters, namely the Bingley family and Mr. Darcy. The Bingley family represents a very wealthy family, whose son would be a prize for any girl, and who is deeply interested in Jane, the eldest, beautiful Bennet daughter. The family though doesn't believe the Bennet's to be of a high enough standard, and move their brother to London to distract him with Mr. Darcy's sister, who supposedly was as unlikable as Mr. Darcy himself. Disliked by many because of his pompousness and pride, Mr. Darcy ruined his chances with Elizabeth for himself. In his own desire, he would have easily married her, she even hated to dance with the man. This type of love triangle, with one person liking a certain someone, but having to settle with someone else, happens throughout the book, just with different people. Most of the time all the characters were either in the a household or at a formal party where these loves, courtships, and dislikes began. This form of settings in the book I found rather boring, and it made it very difficult for me to continue reading, though I now know it is Jane Austen style to not have much action but to develop more of the character's personalities. This book is a great suggestion if you love to really understand a character and her feelings towards others. The neat idea is what Austen did with the title of the book. With this book, "Pride and

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Brick Support Tower

The team thought that to be able to have a strong structure, the tower must have support on its edges (or corners). Aside from providing support, the pillars would give the tower the necessary height to lift the bricks several inches from the ground. The team came up with only one design, and was not able to conceptualize any other design because of the time constraints. The team built a brick support tower using only five (5) pieces of note cards and some of the tape. Four of the five note cards had their short end sides cut to put slits into them.The slits were made to have a way of interlocking the cards. The note cards were then rolled in their long side to form cylinders. The fifth card was placed in the middle covering the four standing cylinders, with one cylinder standing in each corner of the fifth note card. The team didn’t have any idea as to how many bricks will it be able to support. Because of the short time allotted, the team was not able to utilize the remainin g note cards to build what could have been the next layer of the tower. Conceptual DevelopmentThe design that the team utilized provided sturdy columns, supporting the weight of the fifth note card, and also, the weight of the loading. However, the design proved to be weak in the middle part because no support was provided. Again, due to the time constraints, the group was not able to come up with other designs. The team only used the first thing that came to their mind, and immediately, set out to prepare the note cards for that design. Results and Discussion The team was only able to come up with a one-level structure of a tower.After construction, the team immediately proceeded with testing the strength and stability of their structure. The tower was only able to hold the weight of one brick. The structure turned out to be weak in the middle portion because of no added support. Another cylinder could have supported the middle part, where the center of gravity is located and thus, putting more stress and leading to eventual sagging of the middle note card. Achieving the highest performance index for a tower supporting one or more bricks was the goal of this activity.The performance index can be computed by multiplying the distance from the floor to the bottom of the lowest brick (height in inches) with the number of bricks that was supported. The team’s design’s performance index is __, which was calculated using the height measured multiplied by 1 (only one brick was supported). Given that the tower was only single-layered. The index is relatively high. Recommendations and Closure The structure could have supported more bricks if only more of the note cards were rolled into cylinders and used as base.Though the structure is single-layered, the performance index could still be higher because more bricks will be supported. Another approach would have been building a higher structure from the note cards (about two layers) but the number of bricks it may be able to hold will remain one. The team should have come up with several designs and thought over carefully which among their designs should they use. Of course, the design must be something that is sturdy and yet, easy to do, given the limited time allotment.

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Concession and Refutation

Concession and Refutation Conceding and refuting are important language functions in English. Here are a few short definitions: Concede: Admit that another person is right about something. Refute: Prove that someone else is wrong about something. Often, speakers of English will concede a point, only to refute a larger issue:   Its true that working can be tedious. However, without a job, you wont be able to pay the bills.While you might say that the weather has been really bad this winter, its important to remember that we needed lots of snow in the mountains.I agree with you that we need to improve our sales figures. On the other hand, I dont feel we should change our overall strategy at this time.   Its common to concede and refute at work when discussing strategy or brainstorming. Conceding and refuting are also very common in all types of debates  including political and social issues. When trying to make your point, its a good idea to first frame the argument. Next, concede a point if applicable. Finally, refute a larger issue.   Framingthe Issue Begin by introducing a general belief that you would like to refute. You can use general statements, or speak about specific people that you would like to refute. Here are some formulas to help you frame the issue: Person or institution to be refuted   feel / think / believe / insist / that opinion to be refuted Some people feel that there is not enough charity in the world.Peter insists that we haven’t invested enough in research and development.ï » ¿The board of directors believes that students should take more standardized tests. Making the Concession: Use the concession to show that you have understood the gist of your opponent’s argument. Using this form, you will show that while a specific point is true, the overall understanding is incorrect. You can begin with an independent clause using subordinators that show opposition: While it’s true / sensible / evident / likely that specific benefit of argument, While it’s evident that our competition has outspent us on, ...While it’s sensible to measure students’ aptitudes, ... Although / Even though / Though  its true that opinion,   Although its true that our strategy hasnt worked to date, ...Even though it’s true that the country is currently struggling economically, ... An alternate form is to first concede by stating that you agree or can see the advantage of something in a single sentence. Use  concession verbs  such as: I concede that / I agree that / I admit that   Refuting the Point Now it’s time to make your point. If youve used a subordinator (while, although, etc.), use your best argument to finish the sentence: it’s also true / sensible / evident that refutationit’s more important / essential / vital that refutationthe bigger issue / point is that refutationwe must remember / take into consideration / conclude that refutation †¦ it’s also evident that financial resources will always be limited.†¦ the bigger point is that we do not have the resources to spend.†¦ we must remember that standardized testing such as the TOEFL leads to rote learning.   If youve made a concession in a single sentence, use a linking word or phrase  such as  however, nevertheless, on the contrary, or  above all  to state your refutation: However, we currently do not have that capability.Nevertheless, weve succeeded in attracting more customers to our stores.Above all, the peoples will needs to be respected. Making Your Point Once you’ve refuted a point, continue to provide evidence to  further back up your point of view.   It is clear / essential / of utmost importance that (opinion)I feel / believe / think that (opinion) I believe that charity can lead to dependence.I think that we need to focus more on our successful products rather than develop new, untested merchandise.It is clear that students are not expanding their minds through rote learning for tests.   Complete Refutations Let’s take a look a few concessions and refutations  in their completed form: Students feel that homework is an unnecessary strain on their  limited time. While its true that some teachers assign too much homework, we must remember the wisdom in the saying  practice makes perfect. It is essential that information we learn is repeated to fully become useful knowledge.   Some people insist that profit is the only viable motivation for a corporation. I concede that a  company must profit to stay in business. However, the larger issue is that employee satisfaction leads to improved interactions with clients. It is clear that employees who feel they are compensated fairly will consistently give their best.   More English Functions Conceding and refuting are known as language functions. In other words, language which is used to achieve a specific purpose. You can learn more about a wide variety of language functions and how to use them in everyday English.

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Roman Women1 essays

Roman Women1 essays The life of a Woman of Rome was filled with many traditions and rules, which were carried on generation after generation. Many say that Roman women were oppressed because they were not allowed to be an active part of society and politics. The book Roman Women by J.P.V.D. Balsdon gives, what I consider to be, an accurate and detailed account of a typical woman in Rome during the Roman Empire. Balsdon writes about the married women of Rome and the formidable ceremonies needed to perform a wedding. The children that soon came after marriage, which was in itself, another worry for women of the Roman culture. Rome also had its share, like most civilizations, of happy and unhappy marriages that women lived through. In addition, there were the less reputable women of Rome, the prostitutes and courtesans. And last, but not least, Balsdon gives a detailed account of a woman's daily life down to hairstyles, make-up, and jewelry. A woman's looks were very important in Rome. A woman revealed no more of her body than a nun does today. She usually wore the standard dress called a stola with light undergarments beneath this. It is a rather interesting fact that this style of dress did not change for three hundred years. Purple and gold, and a dark rose, scarlet, or amethyst were a few of the favored colors for the women of Rome. Women's hair arrangements often occupied a large portion of their time and were performed by a hairdresser. Younger women dressed their hair very simply by drawing it back into a knot at the back of the neck. Most hair was parted down the center and curled into waves, or styled with small ringlets. Make-up, an important part of a woman's beauty process, was only moderately applied unless the woman was a prostitute. Jewels, however, were sometimes lavishly applied. Opals, sapphires, emeralds, and diamonds were popular among the wealthy women. The amount of jewelry a woman wore signified her husband's we...

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Separation of Classes on Gender Basis Research Paper

Separation of Classes on Gender Basis - Research Paper Example This essay "Separation of Classes on Gender Basis" aims to analyze the pros and cons of the separate classes for boys and girls. Supporters of the movement argue that the learning ability of boys and girls are different. The recent research has clearly indicated natural differences in how male and female understand and learn their lessons at class and society at large. It is very necessary to impart education to the pupil based on the gender, as their understanding ability differs with respect to their sex. When the necessity of single sex education is debated it includes the issues of socio-economic, political, civil rights and legal concerns which are very important in terms of practical perspective. Leonardo Sax (2005) states in his book that the behavior of girls and boys when they are together reflects the larger society to which they belong. His opinions that the girls are most expressive in a single sex school than in a co-ed school. Because of less or no pressure they tend to react instantly and actively in a single sex school. In a coed school the boys came forward with an attitude to put up and spoke on any given topic with ease, while the girls were forced to talk a very few words. He even noticed a considerable change in the courage of the single sex school and co-ed students. The teacher enthusiastically praised, corrected, helped, and criticized the boldly spoken boys who could speak voraciously on any topic given and with the girls who were soft spoken with less courage he nodded his head and would hardly help them overcome their mistakes. But the girls in the single sex school could easily dare to speak on any given topic without pressure, where the teacher could correct the students and also inculcate new teaching techniques based on the gender for better understanding. This in turn would help the students to enhance their learning capabilities. The doctrine of Single Sex Public Education (SSPE) is a good example of the above. SSPE informs teachers in male classrooms to move constantly in the classroom with a pitch of loud voice, even to the point of shouting. But the teachers in the female classes are asked to be still and use a soothing tone to talk to the pupil. This was introduced as the young males thrive on competition and confrontation, while the young females expect care and co-operation in a learning environment. This was the ideology of SSPE (Datnow and Lea, 2002). Few researches have pointed that the single sex schools can foster each gender to excel in

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International Arbitration and Islamic Law or Sharia Law Dissertation

International Arbitration and Islamic Law or Sharia Law - Dissertation Example There may be also generation of stipulations attached with the confidentiality of the proprietary information, evidence, backdrop, number of arbitrators, issues attached with arbitration and so on (Kohler & Stucki, 2004). Among the various definitions of arbitration one of the definitions can be mentioned in this case which is as follows: â€Å" two or more parties, faced with a dispute which they cannot resolve for themselves, agreeing that some private individual will resolve it for them and if the arbitration runs its full course†¦.it will not be settled by a compromise, but by a decision† (Born, 2009, p.217). History of arbitration Arbitration finds its roots in the Greek mythology as well as in the Bible (Moloff, 2008, p.186). In the maritime industries of the pre-colonial England as well as within the merchants of diverse trade background, the process of arbitration found its profound utilization. Prior to the industrial revolution, the process of arbitrage was high ly predominant among the American colonies and the process was regarded as an inexpensive and highly private although a voluntary mode highly depending with the ties of the communities as well as pressures for the effectiveness of the policies. The first permanent board of arbitration was established in 1768, by the New York Chamber of Commerce followed by the implementation of the primal comprehensive clause of arbitration although the availability was limited to a restricted number of disputants (Wolfe, 2006, p.432). The scenario widened its horizon with the herald of twentieth century with the necessity of making the process of arbitration an alternative method of dispute resolution. The process strengthened with the creation of organized labor movement. In 1925, the United States Congress enacted the New York Federal Arbitration (FAA) with the notion that the agreements to submit disputes to arbitration should be as enforceable as of any other contracts (Brunet, 2006, p.36). Wit h gradual crawling of time, after 1950s, lawmakers stressed that the process of arbitration can be implemented as a device of resolving international disputes. In 1998, Congress enacted the Alternative dispute Act (ADA) which led to the mandatory equipment of every federal district court for authorizing by local rules, the utilization of the alternative dispute resolution process in all civil actions and also led to the designation of a judge or other employee to be knowledgeable in ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) practices. In today’s world of complex legal milieu majority of the lawyers and litigators find it compulsory for the application of ADR processes with arbitration in particular (Bennett, 2009, pp. 9-12). Basic foundation for arbitration The basic foundation on which arbitration rests is that of the consensual nature embedded in it. No arbitration procedure will take place with the without the express consent of each party. The prerequisite of a consensual arbi tration agreement can be inspected as an assemblage of procedures which directs to the avoidance of the default jurisdiction of the domestic courts and hence it must be clearly demarcated. In most of the cases, the agreement of arbitration will require